Builder Testimonials

"When warranty insurance was introduced, most builders found it to be very complicated with many onerous limitations based on their assets and liabilities. Having been building for over 30 years it was a relief to find a friendly and professional company like BEA to provide us with warranty insurance without the restrictive conditions. It’s always a good reflection on our business to be associated with leading companies like BEA"
Corrion Homes
"From the moment I called BEA my warranty insurance problems concerns were gone. I found their advice invaluable and they gave me the support I really needed. This is the type of service this industry needs."
Millenium Maintenance & Construction
"All builders should know that there is someone out there actually interested in seeing builders succeed. BEA has worked wonders for my business. Finally there is an organisation that will look after my interests whilst giving added protection to my clients."
Rycon Constructions
"I have been with BEA for 4 years now and I can’t thank them enough for the assistance they have given me. It was very refreshing to actually communicate with people who understood my position and my business."
Pivot Homes

Client talks about BEA experience

Clients will love the peace of mind of choosing a BEA Accredited builder. Read about Bernice's great BEA quality assurance experience here
Pivot Homes
Picture courtesy of Bernice and Pivot Homes

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