Builder Support & Expert Advice from Real Builders

Ever felt the need to talk to former builders who have experienced the same difficulties?

Building Ethics Australia (BEA) was created in 2004 by former builders Tim O’Callaghan and Ken Lucas to give builders a real support network. We are experts in:
  • Building Consultation
  • Contract advice (avoid costly pitfalls)
  • Advice on pricing techniques
  • Assisting with client disputes
  • Assisting to ease the burden of insurance needs
  • Builders Warranty Insurance (BWI)
For too long builders have had to fend for themselves with little or no help from industry groups purporting to represent them. Being a builder can be a lonely existance. Builders are too often neglected, taken for granted and find it difficult to receive expert advice. Insurers, industry groups and regulators have all created an atmosphere of uncertainty and disillusion.

Not getting any support?

BEA is a place where builders are valued and understood, it looks after builders interests and is Australia’s only building business expert. We are in the unique position of knowing what it is like to operate a building business and understand the requirements and mechanics of building insurers.

Builders Warranty Insurance has been a product that most builders have had problems or difficulty with. Turnover restrictions, job size limits, capital injections are all common complaints.

BEA is able to independently collect information on a builder’s performance to negotiate the best possible outcomes with insurance providers. We also know what data is needed to best negotiate with insurers to give builders an advantage during negotiation BEA Advantages
  • Increase profit margins
  • Receive expert advice for growth
  • Always speak with the experts and never an entry level trainee
  • BEA liaise with your accountant to give your business the best warranty insurance outcomes
Most brokers struggle with warranty insurance as it is such a specialised product. They have neither the knowledge nor experience to correctly handle it. BEA is a one stop shop that delivers better outcomes for builders.

Contact BEA today on 03 9397 4166 or email us and experience the BEA difference.

Builders Warranty Insurance

Warranty Insurance is a legislative requirement for all residential building works valued over $20,000 in Western Australia and New South Wales and $12,000 in Victoria. It is designed to protect against the non-completion or defective workmanship should the builder die, disappear or become insolvent and has a cover period of 2 years for non structural defects and 6 years for structural defects from the completion of the contract. The cover must be obtained prior to receiving any payment in relation to the contract.
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