BEA Quality Assurance & Accreditation Program

BEA gives builders real help

The BEA Quality Assurance Program gives builders a real advantage. By monitoring the progress of your projects at each step, BEA uses this data to better negotiate positive outcomes with insurers. BEA not only monitors your projects but has an intimate knowledge of your business and is best placed to achieve your business goals.
Builder with Plans
When you become accredited with BEA you will be identified as one of the industry’s best builders. BEA monitors and works with you to ensure you stay ahead of the pack and because of the independent involvement of BEA, homeowners will choose you ahead of other builders.

BEA builders have exclusive access to the leading experts in Home Warranty Insurance (HWI) / Domestic Building Insurance (DBI). BEA has been successfully dealing with insurers, government authorities and industry bodies for 8 years now and has the knowledge and experience to give your business stability and the competitive edge.

BEA prides itself on giving its builders unparalleled service.

BEA is specialized to cater for your warranty needs and determined to make a difference to your building business. With the care, experience and expertise of BEA, warranty insurance can be hassle-free and free your business from unnecessary delays.

BEA is well placed to negotiate terms to better suit your business and achieve the best results. What is clear is that BEA can assist in providing continuity and alleviate any concerns surrounding BWI.

By Builders for Builders

Deal with real Builders. BEA was developed by builders for builders. We work with you because we built for many years and experienced the issues surrounding a building business first hand. We have extensive experience from running our own building companies. It is from this background that you can deal with someone who knows what it is like to be a builder. We support builders who do the right thing by their clients and the industry.

Importantly, being a BEA builder actually MEANS something. It means that you are a builder who strives for excellence and it means you care about the image of the building industry.

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