Owners, Why choose a BEA Accredited Builder?

Quality Assured

It’s simple, at BEA we understand how a good builder should operate. We check our builders carefully before they can gain accreditation. This check involves a financial check and we speak to a number of their previous clients. Only competent builders become BEA Accredited Builders, which is your guarantee of a first-class job without all the worry and stress that comes with being in unfamiliar territory.

Independent Industry-Leading Inspections

BEA’s Quality Assurance Program provides the highest level of consumer protection in the industry today. How? Simply, BEA Accredited Builders subject themselves to critical independent site inspections during the construction of a home at every progress payment stage. BEA builders agree to not being paid for any stage other than deposit until BEA has inspected the work to ensure it meets industry standards.

Protection & Peace of Mind

When you appoint a BEA Accredited Builder, you only make progress payments after having received confirmation from BEA that the work meets the industry standard. This confirms that an independent inspection has been carried out prior to each progress payment stage, verifying all aspects of your building project meet the prescribed industry standards.

Only by appointing a BEA Accredited Builder can you enjoy the peace of mind of having an independent third party inspector involved during the entire construction process.

Additionally, in the unlikely event of any dispute between the builder and client, BEA is there to offer independant assistance in resolving the issue.
For peace of mind, insist on using a BEA Accredited Builder. Have you got a builder in mind that you would like to use and not sure he is a BEA Builder? Why not get him to contact us?

Don't Forget

Check with your relevant Building Authority that the Builder you are using is registered and has the required insurances.

Victorian Building Authority

NSW Office of Fair Trading

WA Building Commission
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